Special Thanks

This movie would still be a far off dream if it weren’t for the support of so many wonderful people. Special thanks go out to the following individuals and groups (list to grow!):

  • The cast and crew of the original promo
  • Readers at our original table reading
  • All contributors to the cause both in and outside of the Indiegogo campaign
  • All of our incredible extras
  • Everyone who contributed meals to our cast and crew during the filming
  • Anne and Chris Lukeman (producers)
  • Dan Heaton (executive producer)
  • Ann & Dave Bechtel (associate producers)
  • Nancy Hagen (associate producer)
  • Dan Bechtel (associate producer)
  • Mike & Sue Trippiedi (associate producers)
  • Veronica and Jack Bechtel
  • Glen & Rhonda Daniels
  • Jim Heaton
  • Marc-Anthony Macon
  • Brian Lilly
  • Cathie Webber and Countryside School
  • Corey Burton and McKinley Presbyterian Church and Foundation
  • Joe Taylor and Sleepycreek Vineyards
  • Indi Go Artist Co-Op
  • Threadless.com
  • Nancy Pagaduan, Independent Consultant with The Pampered Chef
  • Danielle McFarland
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