A note on ratings:

This film is not yet rated. Nor do we expect it to be rated in the future.

As a parent myself, it is my feeling that the ratings system concerns itself far too much with the use of questionable language (which most people hear regularly anyway), nudity and intimate relationships, while paying little attention to violence and other disturbing imagery and content. It also seems that films with LGBT content are disproportionately rated R,  when movies with similar heterosexual content might be rated PG or PG-13. Therefore, we would prefer not to go that route. Instead, I would like to give parents, educators, and other responsible adults information that will allow them to make informed decisions.

It should probably go without saying that if you find gay/lesbian relationships, drag queens, dark humor, or unconditional love offensive, then I probably won’t ever make a movie that you will like. Sorry.

What else does this movie contain?

WARNING, this section includes some minor spoilers.

This movie contains:

  • One prop that looks fairly convincingly like a charred, decapitated human head. It is a prop in the movie within a movie and is used primarily for dark, comedic value.
  • One humorously large (nearly six feet tall) inflatable phallus that is used briefly to add comedic levity to an otherwise nerve-wracking scene.
  • Some mild sexual innuendo between two teenage girls.
  • A teenage character who vomits after drinking too much.
  • A physical fight between two young kids, because one of them calls the other one’s sister a “lesbo.”
  • A teenage character who smokes. It is one of her flaws and is addressed as such.
  • A teenage character who swears a few times, usually at or about a couple of bullies who have tried to do her harm.
  • A character who gropes another character in an unwanted sexual way and gets kneed in the crotch for it.
  • Other characters who use very mildly inappropriate language in a few places.
  • Artistic female nudity (painted and sketched in oil pastel).
  • Suggested live female nudity, but no naughty bits can be seen nor is there any simulated sexual content (she is being drawn nude).

All-in-all, I would say that it is most appropriate for individuals who are about 13 and up. It’s like a 1980’s PG, but would probably get a PG-13 if put to the test today.

If you have specific questions or concerns, feel free to contact us:

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